OohYah. Your Music. Your Way.

www.OohYah.com is an official PayPal Commerce Platform.

We love PayPal because they're a payment provider you can trust to streamline your business with. When you subscribe to OohYah, you have control over how your music is presented, utilizing the following profile modes: 

Subscription Mode-  You offer fans access to all of your content for a monthly fee that you set. 
Tip Jar Mode- You let your content stream for free and fans can tip any amount without further obligation. 
Store Mode-  Subscription and tips are disabled but you can sell HQ Downloads and tangible merchandise commission-free. 

All Three Modes Let You: 

Sell unlimited store items in our commission-free marketplace. 
Stream and/or sell high-quality audio files as downloads. 
Notify your followers on OohYah whenever you upload new a new album. 
Offer Pre-Order Album Sales, or Crowdfund your next project without obligating fans to jump through extra hoops or levels. 
Offer lyrics on each song and give credit to those who deserve it in Album Credits. 
Forecast income and monitor stats on streams for each song. 
Offer discount codes to special fan club members and/or create flash sales on store products. 
Choose artists to blend with utilizing our "Similar Artists" algorithm making it easier for new fans to add you to their playlists. 
Enjoy features to come, including selling tickets, concert calendar, direct messaging and more. 

Please review our tier pricing structure and billing agreement. It explains how easy, transparent and awesomely fair this solution is for artists. 

Let OohYah Help Sell Your Music, Not Your Soul!