Virtual music production from Nashville, Tennessee is available via a live feed over the internet. This allows you to monitor the production of your song(s) and have a say in the process. After the session, we can send you a Stereo Mix to overdub vocals to. Then send us your vocals and we’ll mix and master it. Or we can send the multi-track archive to you, and you can finish the project on your own. 

If you have your pre-production recording ready, contact us. Make sure your recording is clear enough to hear all vocal melodies and chords. Describe the style or genre of production you envision for your song. You may also reference a mainstream artist to describe the sound you're looking for. If you’re in need of a demo singer, we have the best here in Nashville. You can also check out to sample singers too! 

If you're looking for "the experience" of recording in the studio during the tracking session, contact us for a custom package to suite your needs.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

707 18th Ave S #11, Nashville, TN 37203

Weekly Sessions

From small project studios to Ocean Way Recording in Nashville, we track in different studios every week here in Nashville. You can record just one song or up to 10 songs on the next available session. The sessions vary with different studios and bands but the quality never wavers.  First come first serve Availability. Simply enquire about the next session for the price and details.

Looking For "The Experience?" 
Come to Nashville and work in a world-class studio with your favorite world-class studio musicians. 
Ever look at the credits to see who’s playing on a song? When you come to Nashville! You can pick the band for your next session!  

Contact us for details. 

Pop Tracks 

We now offer a hybrid of high-quality programming and live instruments. Our new libraries include Output, Serum and more. These tracks are in the style of EDM, house, and dance. We can throw some electric guitars on there too!   

Other Services

Mixing- Send us your Multi-Tracks!  

We have most of the top brand plugins from UAD, SLATE, BX, and Solid Stale Logic. 

As well as outboard gear like Solid State Logic Fusion, Dangerous Summing and more. 

Only $100 per song. 

Vocal Tuning, Pocketing, BGV Tightening. Up to 5 Tracks. Only $100 per song. Mastering- $75 per song.